Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When You're Not so Good with Words, Give Pictures

Best way to tell someone that you love them (or just want them) is to show it!

Do that in a way that skips the usual "make you dinner at my place" plan.

Sexy photos not only help you break out of your rut should you happen to be in one, capture your beauty but also say to your lover, "hey you, come and get it!"

Ask us what we can do for a creative, sexy gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or special someone (we don't need no stinking labels!). Gifts can be terribly sensual...let's just say some gifts can't be described here!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Special Black Friday, Black Lingerie Package

Black is always so sexy. Black goes with everything.

Lacey or latex, sheer, strappy or barely there - black always works when seduction is top of mind!

This Thanksgiving, Black Friday through Cyber Monday we are offering a unique deal for those that know what really gets people excited. With a special nod to lovers of black, lingerie and lovers in general.

The Black Lingerie, Black Friday Boudoir special is an exclusive online offer. To book your session visit the Black Friday Specials. This package may be booked through Cyber Monday (November 29) only.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Gifts to Keep You Warm this Holiday Season

Christmas, the Holidays, Festivus, whatever you may celebrate it is really hard to find that "perfect" gift for your lover. You don't want to get a boring present. You don't want to get something safe or something they won't like.

Forget the mistletoe (what is that anyway!?)... Here is Red Chair Photography's Unique Gift Guide for sexy presents to the Holiday Gift Giving Season!

Christmas Gift Shopping List
- Wife: Schedule her for a sexy photo session, don't let her worry about anything
- Husband: Keepsake album of images from your boudoir photo session
- Girlfriend: Lingerie and gift certificate to Red Chair Photography
- Boyfriend: Bring him along to the photo session. He can play or just watch!
- Mom: Family chips in to spoil her with a photo session, just for her to feel and look her best!
- Dad: Photos from Mom's photo session.
- Bride to Be: Girls night out at Red Chair Photography, mini make-overs and photo sessions for every participant.
- Deployed Military: Dog tags with your photo to remind him of how much you miss and love them.

Whether you want to be the snow bunny next door, or the naughty Santa's helper, this sexy gift will not go out of style! You never have to worry about someone else getting the same thing or it not fitting. In fact, it will probably fit very well for quite some time (wink)!!!

Call for Christmas gift order deadlines.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tattoo: Proud or Past Due

Body art can be highlighted or hidden in a photo shoot.

Whether you are a noobie that just got your first tiny tattoo or you are a lifelong addict, perhaps you just want a picture that is a "clean slate." Don't worry about body make-up, we can remove tattoos or scaring in retouching as part of our digital body lift. No blurring or fuzzing out required. You love your tattoo, but would like one or two pictures without it. Maybe you don't want to be recognized. Maybe you are going to get it removed one day. Maybe you would like to do an alter ego shoot with your straight-laced self and free-wheeling self facing off.

Proud to be decorated? Show it off! Much like in the photo shoots on the TLC show "LA Ink" featuring Kat Von D, we often take images of brand new tattoos while they are fresh and crisp. You want to show off this new piece of you and the photo shoot is the perfect way to enhance the artwork and have a keepsake of this point in time. Also, makes an incredibly special gift for a loved one that is long distance - whether in the military or living in another state (or country!) - they will love the intimate way your tattoo is captured. It will make them feel that much closer to you.

Remember, what you show in a photo session is always up to you!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thigh's the Limit

Thigh highs, sometimes called stockings, are always a dilemma. Many women think they look incredibly sexy... just not on them. That's right and wrong! Thigh highs are the epitome of sexy and va-va voom! Bring them! It is a great way to take any lingerie to the next level, even if your significant other has seen it 1,000 times.

Selecting Stockings
It is very important to get a good quality pair of thigh highs. Even though you might just be getting it for one look or for the entire photo session, you want to make sure they are flattering and the correct style.

There are several varieties of thigh highs. Some come with a "self-stick" top that makes them stay up on their own. Some are smooth and flat, designed to be worn with a garter belt. Sometimes you can even find a Cuban heel or line up the back like World War II pin-ups (see Fredrick's of Hollywood for a nice selection). Make sure you have the right style for your outfit. It is hard, though not impossible, to force the garter belt over the self-stick part.

Above all, consider size. Most women are worried that they will look like a stuffed sausage in thigh highs. While your imagination is almost always worse than what you really look like (and the digital body lift is a plus!) getting the right size and style will help you feel confident when you step in front of the camera.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why are "Regular" Women Still Afraid of Shooting Nudes?

Check out the May 2010 Allure Magazine. Chances are you might have seen the magazine at the local nail salon or while waiting to check out at the grocery store. The cover featured the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones, looking over her shoulder at the camera, and the headline "Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Entirely and Completely Naked (No, Seriously, Not a Stitch!)".

If she can do it, what's stopping you? "Ok," you think, "Let me start with she has a professional make-up artist, stylist, professional lighting, hair styling, a professional photographer not to mention airbrushing!" Check, check, check. It is easy to think that these types of celebrity perks are out of reach for the "ordinary" woman. So you have kids, don't jet from gala to gala and hell sometimes you just eat ice cream for dinner. You can still do a boudoir photo session like Ms. Zeta-Jones and be every bit as sexy and classy.

We have done the heavy lifting for you, so to speak. Experience with hundreds of women and talented staff backed by days on TV and movie sets, combine to support your beautiful nude photo session. All the things you may consider when looking at a copy of the Allure magazine (lighting, make-up, retouching, the right angles) are included in your photo session.

If you have thought "What would I look like if I had all those tools available to me?" Seize the moment! Nude does not have to be anything but upscale and completely discreet. Red Chair Photographer offers a slew of what makes a nude shoot not only comfortable, but classic. We understand that all women have an insecurity or another, and that the choice is confidence. Or to fake it till you make it. Nude photography can invoke all the classic images of Greek goddesses. Beautiful, voluptuous and cherishing the female form.

We can't give you Michael Douglas, but the rest is under control.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's the Perfect Time to Plan Your Presents

Schedule your session now to avoid the holiday rush and potential rush processing charges!

Gift Ideas
  • 2011 Calendar
    Staring you! Grace every month of the 11"x14" calendar with an image of sexy you. Different looks for each month, or a theme throughout. We will help you design the perfect sets.
  • Boudoir Album
    This ain't your wedding album or Shutterfly book. Custom designed, retouched and glossy finished, this book lays flat for those jaw dropping centerfolds to really make a great impression. All packages come with complimentary images to get you started.
  • Ten 8"x10" Prints
    Since you are a 10, that is the perfect number of prints to give to your significant other. The retouched prints come gift boxed and ready to give or wrap.
  • Couples Shoot
    Bring him or her along. Make it a date night. Create the smoldering images together. Even if you feel silly at first, you will definitely feel sexy as the shoot progresses. Naughty or nice ideas welcome!
  • Gift Certificate
    Like a spa gift certificate for her sexy side. Remind her she is beyond beautiful and gets your home fires burning.

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