Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bringing Sexy Boudoir Photography Back to Chicago

How do you say "boudoir" anyway?
Don't worry you are not the first one to ask. This sexy word that goes hand-in-hand with glamour and nude photography is pronounced "booed-waar."

OK, now I can say it, but what is it?
Boudoir photography is the general term for sexy photography. This can include Maxim style, Victoria's Secret style or Playboy style photos. You can wear sexy club wear, lingerie or nothing at all. The idea is to "catch" you in your bedroom activities - whether that be getting ready to go out for the night or just getting back home to take it off. The key is that it is tasteful and captures you at this time in your life.

I'm so not a model! Do you ever work with someone who is not a model?
All the time! Our Chicago-land based team is skilled at making you feel comfortable in your own skin and capturing that on camera.

Why boudoir photography? I have some photos my friend took where I look pretty good!
Everyone has some good snapshots from their digital camera or phone but probably not great snapshots. Red Chair Photography provides an environment where you can explore your inner diva or starlet and really get that VIP treatment that makes you look and
feel your sexiest. The make-up, hair styling, sets, lighting and poses that our professional staff coaches you through help to take the photo from nice to HOT.

I'm ready! Where are you located in Chicago?
Our boudoir studio, complete with lots of sets, is located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We are about 45 minutes from downtown in Buffalo Grove.

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Blogger Carl said...

Hey, I want to get some beautiful portraits of myself. So I am surfing online for sexy boudoir photography. I have heard a lot about it. Please suggest me some ideas.

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Wed Apr 25, 04:50:00 AM  

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