Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rated PG or Rated R? Glamour and Nude Photography

Nervous? Read This!

If you haven't taken your clothes off in front of anyone but your doctor in quite some time, you're in good company! Red Chair Photography caters not only to exhibitionists but also to those that are shaking like a leaf with nerves at the thought of being nude! And on camera!

Nude Versus Lingerie

Do I have to buy new lingerie? I never wear that girlie stuff! Can I go nude instead?
While it may be fun to wear for a private, repeat preparing performance at home you need not to purchase new lingerie. We will provide you with appropriate recommendations for what to bring - or what not to bring! Our photographer is masterful at posing and lighting techniques to create the nude you are after - artistic, sexy, sleek, tasteful or erotic.

Okay, maybe I will get some sexy, little things... But I'm afraid I won't know how to put them on right and I'll look dumb.
Our professional staff can help snap, lace, adjust and ensure things look right.

I don't like myself in pictures. Can you help me be comfortable?
Absolutely, as long as you are willing to try!

Do I have to want to do nudes?
No! Nude photography is a personal decision. We welcome those that want that peek-a-boo style or want to look sexy in their clothes. You can go as PG or Rated R as you want!

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