Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visiting from Out of Town?

You shopped the Mag Mile, took a picture of the Bean, laughed at Second City and enjoyed a delicious steak at Gibsons. You are over tourist stuff. What else is there to do in Chicago?

Are you looking for something ...

* A little bit avant garde...
* A little bit titillating...
* A little bit off the beaten path?

Do something that is a new and exciting experience. Do something you've never done before but may have dreamed about - have sexy photos professionally taken.

What Happens in Chicago...
Embrace the anonymity that comes with being from out of town. You may want to let your alter ego, inner dominatrix or porn star shine while you are away from home. Turn up the heat on your couples get away. Spice up a business trip, your love life or just spoil someone. Planning a secret gift? We love secrets! These are all great reasons to come to Red Chair Photography.

How Can I Do a Session While Visiting?
Our studio is a private, comfy sanctuary to explore and play during a photo session. Bring a bottle of wine or champagne, we'll provide the setting. The professional staff at Red Chair Photography is welcoming, inviting and open minded. Don't worry about it, just go for it!

Where is Red Chair Photography Located?
We are located 35 miles from the Sears Tower. You can get to us several ways, even without a car.

* Taxi (about a $70 ride)
* Train (about $30 for two)
* Limo (rates vary)

How Would I Get the Photos?
All clients are treated to a personalized, private online gallery to view the images from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Even if you go right to the airport from the studio, you'll be able to view the proofs from your session, order online and have the photos or custom album delivered securely via FedEx. We always require signature for your protection.

You did the usual, now step into the unusual.

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