Friday, October 16, 2009

Keep It Fun and Flirty for Halloween

You look hella hot in your Halloween lingerie, er, costume. This is the one night a year you can dress as trashy or slutty as you want and get away with it.

Why Waste All That Deliciousness on One Night?

You know the only photos you will have in your sexy costume will either be at the bar or in front of your couch at home. Break the cycle. Head over to Red Chair Photography for a sexy Halloween costume photo session.

Your man loves how you look in that flirty little outfit so get an extra use out of it! Not only can we help take the seduction up to a whole new level with professional hair and make-up styling to complete your look, we can provide you with a unique gift that will keep the fantasy going all year long.

Red Chair Photography's Favorite Costumes
  • Naughty Nurse
  • Sinful Nun
  • Devilish Angel
  • Delicious Demon
  • Sexy Succubus
  • Bewitching Witch
  • Cop with Curves
  • Naughty School Girl

Contact Red Chair Photography at 847.613.4509 and mention this blog to get info on fun and flirty Halloween photo sessions.

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