Monday, January 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography

Give something decidedly un-cheesy this year!

Whether you think Valentine's Day is a lame play for commercialism or the most romantic day in the world, show your Valentine something more tempting than chocolates - you!

A Sexy Way to Show Your Love

Your photo session is as much about you as it is the person lucky enough to receive the prints, album or whatever gift you choose (many more to choose from!). You get a pampering, confidence building session that shows you in a whole new light. Everyone is their own worst critic - see yourself the way your lover does: hot, sexy and seductive!

Actual quote from a customer: "he LOVED them. he was absolutely in shock for a good 20 minutes before he even said anything."

Book Now!

Don't miss your chance to give yourself this Valentine's Day. Call 847.613.4509 to book your session.

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