Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keep it Classy: Artwork for your Home

OK, so you want to do a photo session but you want it to be more than an album tucked under the mattress. You want it to be sensual, classy and very upscale. Come to think of it, you need something new to hang on the wall. The poster you bought is no longer your taste. You love the shadowy art that features the female form, black and white photography that is the opposite of a men's magazine. Kill two birds with one stone! Instead of searching online for someone else's picture, make your own - legs, feet, the curve of the back, whatever suits your taste or the feature that you love the best. And believe us, you do not have to be a supermodel! Just a little adventurous. We can pose you in such a way that you can or cannot be identified, its your choice.

Do you love the look of Calvin Klein ads? What about the photos that Posh and Becks took together? So sexy! Yet maybe you don't want your mom or kids friends seeing your naked butt? Don't worry, they won't know!

Great idea for the bedroom, bathroom or hallway. Think Venus de Milo, classic Roman reliefs and paintings of women reclining on sofas. We take that same beauty, grace and strength of a woman's body and create a genuine piece of classic art. While many people opt for black and white, rich, saturated colors also make a statement. We can make it as unique as you.

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