Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tattoo: Proud or Past Due

Body art can be highlighted or hidden in a photo shoot.

Whether you are a noobie that just got your first tiny tattoo or you are a lifelong addict, perhaps you just want a picture that is a "clean slate." Don't worry about body make-up, we can remove tattoos or scaring in retouching as part of our digital body lift. No blurring or fuzzing out required. You love your tattoo, but would like one or two pictures without it. Maybe you don't want to be recognized. Maybe you are going to get it removed one day. Maybe you would like to do an alter ego shoot with your straight-laced self and free-wheeling self facing off.

Proud to be decorated? Show it off! Much like in the photo shoots on the TLC show "LA Ink" featuring Kat Von D, we often take images of brand new tattoos while they are fresh and crisp. You want to show off this new piece of you and the photo shoot is the perfect way to enhance the artwork and have a keepsake of this point in time. Also, makes an incredibly special gift for a loved one that is long distance - whether in the military or living in another state (or country!) - they will love the intimate way your tattoo is captured. It will make them feel that much closer to you.

Remember, what you show in a photo session is always up to you!

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