Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why are "Regular" Women Still Afraid of Shooting Nudes?

Check out the May 2010 Allure Magazine. Chances are you might have seen the magazine at the local nail salon or while waiting to check out at the grocery store. The cover featured the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones, looking over her shoulder at the camera, and the headline "Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Entirely and Completely Naked (No, Seriously, Not a Stitch!)".

If she can do it, what's stopping you? "Ok," you think, "Let me start with she has a professional make-up artist, stylist, professional lighting, hair styling, a professional photographer not to mention airbrushing!" Check, check, check. It is easy to think that these types of celebrity perks are out of reach for the "ordinary" woman. So you have kids, don't jet from gala to gala and hell sometimes you just eat ice cream for dinner. You can still do a boudoir photo session like Ms. Zeta-Jones and be every bit as sexy and classy.

We have done the heavy lifting for you, so to speak. Experience with hundreds of women and talented staff backed by days on TV and movie sets, combine to support your beautiful nude photo session. All the things you may consider when looking at a copy of the Allure magazine (lighting, make-up, retouching, the right angles) are included in your photo session.

If you have thought "What would I look like if I had all those tools available to me?" Seize the moment! Nude does not have to be anything but upscale and completely discreet. Red Chair Photographer offers a slew of what makes a nude shoot not only comfortable, but classic. We understand that all women have an insecurity or another, and that the choice is confidence. Or to fake it till you make it. Nude photography can invoke all the classic images of Greek goddesses. Beautiful, voluptuous and cherishing the female form.

We can't give you Michael Douglas, but the rest is under control.

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