Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When You're Not so Good with Words, Give Pictures

Best way to tell someone that you love them (or just want them) is to show it!

Do that in a way that skips the usual "make you dinner at my place" plan.

Sexy photos not only help you break out of your rut should you happen to be in one, capture your beauty but also say to your lover, "hey you, come and get it!"

Ask us what we can do for a creative, sexy gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or special someone (we don't need no stinking labels!). Gifts can be terribly sensual...let's just say some gifts can't be described here!

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Blogger tylerjones said...

Good one!
Enjoyed going through it.
Thank you so much.
Gold Bra Strap

Thu Jun 27, 03:07:00 AM  

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